Sunday, January 10, 2010

under the covers

You know when you were young and hide stuff under the covers at night? Ok, not like that. I mean, well when I was younger I would hide books at night and then I would get a torch and read them while everyone else was asleep. And, although I got through a lot of my Babysitters Club books that way, it was pretty difficult reading comfortably. It was so hard to turn the page, and every now and then I would hear a creak of something and I would have to quickly pretend I was asleep in case my parents where coming. And it was quite tiring I got a lot of neck cramps. Anyway, it gravitated from Babysitters Club books, to playing on my phone and playing games, to now, playing on my ipod. Watching movies, listening to Hamish and Andy podcasts. It's fun. Anyway that's just one interesting thought.

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