Monday, July 26, 2010

The project is to be handed in.

Friends will know and agree with my sheer disgust of a little show called the 7pm project - 'It's news, but not as you know it'.Yeah I know it to be informative, I didn't know it was totally generic and tryhard and not funny AT ALL. This show is a joke. Well they wish it was. The hosts try to make news "funny." E.g they'll be reading out the headlines, let's just say one was a bombing and one was about a giant cheese. Instead of elaborating on the bomb they'll talk about the giant cheese and how a facebook page should be made about it and then they'll cross to some 'insightful' teenagers and ask their 'opinions' on it.
It's a PROJECT. The due date was AGES ago and you have to hand it in now so you can get your mark back which by the way was a FAIL.
One of my biggest pet peeves about this show is Charlie Pickerings hair. It used to be curly but now he's doing this to it:
Combing it back like he's some sort of Ed Sullivan look alike. "This is not the 50's" was my first thought, not that there's anything wrong with the 50's, it's an era I love. Personally I don't like i, because I have this theory that he's trying to be avant garde or whatever along with his 'jokes' on the show. But then I noticed something else:
Wil Anderson from The Gruen Transfer (which by the way I am not putting up next to the 7pm project. This is much much better. WATCH IT) is too sporting the same style of hair.
And it's sort of ok on him I guess. Maybe I'm just bias because Charlie is wearing it.
What do you think?

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