Friday, November 26, 2010

A Maths Lesson

  •  Learning formulas
  • Mr Harris:  Formulas are easy, they are like a recipe, you just have to remember it once, and then repeat it again and again.
  • Me:  That analogy is very flawed.
  •  Pause, staring competition between me and him for 2 seconds.
  • Mr Harris:  Please explain.
  • Me:  Well if it is like a recipe, then that means the numbers are ingredients. But the ingredients or numbers CHANGE in formulas. So if you use the same recipe but change all the ingredients, you are cooking disgusting food, or in other words, cooking wrong equations.
  •  Pause.
  • Mr Harris:  You are getting too emotional over this.

Due to a total lack of inspiration, stress. work and school I have been totally neglecting this blog for months now I think haha.  Not that I have to apologize, it's not like I have legions of readers anyway. Surprisingly I have gained a couple of followers so thank you :) 
Please check out more regular online activity on my tumblr and my twitter which I recently got. 

Seriously guys I have nothing to blog about. At all. The best I could do was this maths lesson. Yes, I have actually started using my analysing skills in real life. 
Man I need sleep. 

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