Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have a lot of collections. The idea of collections I always loved. I think it started when I was a little kid eating Kinder Surprise and collecting all the tiny toys.
Here is a big collection for me, Sunglasses:

Yep. 17 pairs. Woohoo! These are some of my favourites

A pair of Rayban aviators. I bought them at some car boot sale for $2!

These are definitely one of my favourites. Clubmasters. I LOVE these. I would wear them all the time except I recently I got a pair of prescription glasses so I can actually see.

I've never been game enough to wear these out but I love these glasses, very Kurt Cobain. Actually also very Audrey. I don't actually remember where I got these.

Of course Wayfarers, they go with anything, it's easy to pick up when I've lost a pair. The second pair in this photo are my prescription glasses. One thing I hate about them, is of course they're no Clubmaster, and also because when I wear them you can still see my eyes pretty clearly. I like dark glasses so I can stare at someone without feeling uncomfortable or I can have the element of mystery. Lol. Yes this amuses me.

I think I only have three 'colours' in this collection which is red, black and this one yellow pair. I love these they're really fun and I love the shape.

I love these glasses, got them at a vintage store awhile ago. If you can see up close I heavily altered them:

Hahahaha. I held the glasses over a flame and then pushed it together because this middle bit was too long. it kept swinging left and right like a see-saw it was too long and I'm not exaggerating. So yeah it looks a bit weird now. But whatevs.

Another collection, Babysitters Club books.
And also ANOTHER collection, animals:

I love these bunnies they are so cute.

Check out these crazy dinasaurs:

I love this bird. As you can see I've dropped it a couple of times and have had to glue it together :S.

This is more of a love than a collection:
I'm off to catch up with Karl Lagerfeld to talk about ice cream,

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