Sunday, January 10, 2010

I really really want to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox:
And yes this picture has influenced me. And George Clooney's Voice. But you know, whatever.
I watched Avatar last week.
It was actually pretty good, I didn't think I would like it, I'm not really a sci-fi kinda person. But I thought it was really good, and the whole principle of leaving Mother Nature do it's thing and everything was really moving as well. Anyway another movie I was thinking is The Lovely Bones. I read the book last year and loved it, and I was really excited about watching it when I heard they were making a movie. But I've heard some pretty disappointing reviews and not sure whether I should watch it anymore, might just buy the DVD.
On another note, did you check out Google yesterday? Isaac Newton's birthday was celebrated with this cool animation. Yes. Stuff like this excites me.

Ciao, I'm meeting Anna Wintour for an Orange Juice.

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