Sunday, January 17, 2010


You know when you go to the public toilets and you sit down and there's an ad in front of you, behind the door? You know the ones, usually about Herpes or some sort of genital infection. Actually recently there's been one about sponsoring a kid for Christmas. I would love to meet the person who is on the toilet, and is convinced to sponsor a kid by that ad. But then again, who am I to judge. Whatever get's your mind off what your doing in the toilet which works for you, works for me. Anywaay, the point is, I love to read stuff in the toilet. Anything. I hate going to the toilet it's such a waste of time, but you know, it's gottsta be done. So I look forward to going to those public toilets with ads on them. These toilets are usually in shopping centres, other than that I hate public toilets. But when they put a bag hook above the ad, What is the point????? Your bag covers the entire ad, leaving a bored, nervous and awkward toilet user, left to rack his/her brain for some distracting thoughts in sacrificing not putting their bag on those weird tiled floors, sometimes polished, sometimes not, and, a company who is not gaining any more customers. So this is a lose-lose problem. But HELLO people. Put the hook on the SIDE. And on the side where the door isn't going to open and squish your bag or else I'll be writing a gripes #1 part 2.
So something which made me feel like this:

Is making you think..

Like this. N

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