Thursday, January 14, 2010


My sleeping patterns are getting whacky whacky. I went to sleep about 11and woke up at 4 and now I'm here at 6:18 on the computer blogging and watching Juno. Gross I just took out my plate which is tastes like bad morning breath. Anyway I bought a Moleskine 2010 pocket diary in hard cover yesterday. Was going to get soft cover but opted for hard. Yeah, I'm a notebook enthusiast. Also got some pretty crappy imitation Artline 2.0 pens and penned my info in the personal data page and totally ruined it and smudged it. GAH. Anyway they calendars used to be like 15% off so I was originally going to get it for $15, went to Borders the yesterday, all of the Calendars were going for $5 woohoo. I was tossing up before between the Moleskine and this other one and when I found up they were all $5 I almost went crazy and bought them all and I was getting really excited over all this cheap stuff. Yep, that's what being 'unemployed' does to teenagers. I say unemployed with quotes because I have a job, but they haven't called me all holidays and this when I am SUPPOSED TO BE EARNING LOTS OF hahaha I just typed in Money in the thesaurus and one of the suggestions was 'almighty dollar.' Quality. Anyway yes I am very annoyed. I have once again started giving resume's out to uninterested businesses who say they'll 'get back to me.' Yes. Just like work will 'call me.' At least tell me if I'm fired or not GEEZ. And if I get an interview at least tell me if I didn't get it OR NOT. Yes I'm talking to you ****. Censored. Let me just say that this place makes juice.
Still watching Juno. When I get pregnant I want to get a table on wheels and put my stomach on top of it and just walk around like that like it's a trolley.

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