Monday, February 1, 2010

haute C

Some of my fave collections of Paris haute couture 2010.

Armani Prive

I really love those sleeves

The collection was inspired by the moon, and I think that's what contributed to the pyjama-ness of the suits. Really chic, kinda modern 70's as well. I loved this collection it had a really strong direction

This is one of my favourite dresses, especially the fact that Karlie Kloss is wearing it makes it look stronger.
Heaps of the gowns and dresses in this collection I can just imagine on the red carpet for the Oscars this coming March

Really like that necklace

Hey Tina Fey maybe this can be your next Red Carpet look?
Just Kidding. DO NOT wear this. Lady Gaga, go ahead you've stamped on the fact you wear crazy stuff like this. Although for you, this would be something modest.
Let's move on.


I actually really loved this collection. Usually with Galliano, now I'm like "Something theatrical, typical stuff, blah blah" but I really liked this. It was like Marie Antoinette/classic early Dior 50's stuff/ horse riding person/the wedding at the end of Nanny McPhee (the layout and flowers) mixed with John Galliano craziness and a bit of crazy light bondage with that Horse whip thing whatever it's called.


Didn't really like this collection, kinda scary with all that dripping blood and stuff but I really liked this coat. Very Red Riding Hood.

Ellie Saab

This collection was so pretty. I'm trying to think of a movie which had a colour scheme like this, for some reason Alice in Wonderland keeps coming to mind. I'm sure Tim Burton's version will be more colourful and brighter though.

Well that's pretty much it, I'm just starting to ease my way into all this fashion stuff again, last year I could see an outfit and tell you the collection, season etc but I've kinda lost that now haha, less stressful lol. This is probably the only blog post about Paris which didn't feature that Chanel collection with that crazy hair. Didn't really do it for me this time, although I did like the gloves which has given me an idea for my textiles project.

Buenas Noches, N.


Erica said...

love the little moons in the first ones


Roxana said...

Armani is on my top list also. I don't know about Dior though...:D

Anonymous said...

Armani A+, the rest is, how shall I put it...'interesting,' nice pics selection though :))