Monday, February 8, 2010

shopping list

So I went out today, to that place Bees Knees I mentioned in yesterday's post. I forgot to take some pics because we didn't have anything to eat, but I bought a pair of shoes there:
They're a bit scuffed at the back of the heel, but they are so cute and remind me of peas. I only got them for $5 :)

Also I got this cute red Yves Saint Laurent messenger bag for $4! There was another YSL purse for $8 but it looked a bit weird so I didn't get it.

Also a VOGUELiving and UK BAZAAR.

I really love the colours of this whole post, the red and green.
Off to do homework, N


fledgling said...

that YSL was such a great find!

maxwell conrad

Ganymede Girl said...

Such a great deal for that YSL bag!